Monday, June 13, 2011

Viking Hat

I finished a project on one of my "Why Haven't I Made This Yet?" posts. What a great feeling. Seriously. I have zero use for this as I have no children and the ones I know are girls. Still love this hat. It's adorable.

Another reason for needing to find a baby I can borrow...

This is clearly not Jasmine's best look. Not sure I could ever replace her. She is a faithful model. She probably just needs to get a slightly bigger head. Instead of digging out my old Barbie styling head, I just searched for more stuffed animals.

Meeko also doesn't have a big enough head. He is too busy eating anyways.

Clearly my family HATES Disney. As evidenced by all the old stuffed animals and dolls and Disney references. I was thinking while I was taking all these pictures I should figure out how to make a little hat with a tiara attached to go along with this.

Overall, I think this is a great hat and I love how it turned out! Maybe there will a pattern to follow.

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