Friday, June 24, 2011

Reveling in Ravelry- Beach Animals

I decided I was going to start a weekly series of different Ravelry patterns I come across and love. I am going to try and keep within a theme each week and if you have a pattern that goes with the theme feel free to comment!!

This weeks theme is beach animals. I am so ready for summer and the official calendar start of summer was this week. So I figured we should give a nod to the start of summer.

Duuuuude the Sea Turtle- So cute and I have recently been loving little animals that are so quick to knit!

Little Lobster- I first came across this adorable little lobster while browsing but the real gem was discovered when I actually looked at the full picture instead of the thumbnail- the mermaid. I mean what gets more summery and beachy than that!! So here is a pdf of both patterns. Little Lobster and Baby Mermaid.

Fishing Game- How many of you ever played the magnetic fish game with the little fishing poles when you were younger? Because I certainly did all the time!!! This is a highly portable version of this game and the water even turns into a carrying case for this game!! This would be a perfect game to bring to the beach for the kiddies!!


Jellyfish- Speaking of games, if you're Dory from finding Nemo, we can bounce on top of the jellyfish. I love this little guy and I think he would look super cute in many different colors. I just love how the little spirals come down as the tentacles!

Throughout the post I linked directly to the blog posts so you could quickly check out the details of the projects.

Now here you can share your work on Raverly

Duuuude the Sea Turtle

Lobster and Baby Mermaid

Fishing Game


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  1. Good work! Those beach animals are so cute. I would love to have those turtles knitted to my beach bag.