Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feetie Socks

I know, I know, these should be called footies. But our youth pastors daughter, calls them feetie pajamas and feetie socks, so I find that much more fitting. Plus it's way cuter.

Anyways, I wear flats to work basically every day. And I normally don't wear socks, which is gross. I know. This is place to be honest. Besides this is the solution.

I kept looking on Ravelry for little footie covers or ballet socks. I found a few ballet flat sock patterns I might try and there even was the one I started here. Those by the way, still aren't finished. But then I decided wipping something up of my own would be better.

Here's how we started off. I am fairly pleased so far. Hopefully we will get everything finished up soon and my feet will be much happier. Plus everyone will be happy because I will post the pattern so you can have happy feet too!

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