Monday, June 6, 2011

Finger Knit Bracelet

Well I don't normally wear jewelry but I figure most people wouldn't even count this. Right? Well either way I love this because it's comfy, easy and cute. Can't ask for much more can you. Oh wait and it was free. I cut up an old tank top I was getting rid of. It's spring everyone is cleaning out their closet. Okay, now it's perfect.

I did this in the car on my way to a friends house because well I felt as though my outfit was too plain. So I was blog browsing and saw an idea which led me to make this.

Have any of you guys ever hand knit when you were little? I used to do it at my Nanny's house with these neon colored little bands. I obviously stole all the green ones from my sister's bags and would make many potholders that would probably leave your hand scorched anyways and many many bracelets. This on is much different than the ones I used to make because I only used one finger. Had to make it easy on myself my friend only lives 10 minutes away.

Want one for yourself? Um of course you do. Here's how it's done.

I started at the bottom of the tank top and I cut one strip around in a big spiral. I went around the tank three times and had extra to spare at the end.

Now starting this is the hardest part and after you get that done your will be cruising in no time!

Take one of the ends and put it across your palm then wrap the long end around your index finger as shown above.

Unfortunately this picture is just a little out of focus. So hopefully I can explain this so that it makes sense. Now you take the short end of the fabric and you flip it over the to the back side of your thumb AND over the other end of the fabric.

Now you wrap the long end across the front of your finger so that there are two strips across your finger. Now you flip the bottom over the top. Then you will only have one strip left. Now you take the long end of the fabric and bring is back across your finger. You don't wrap it around your finger you simply drape it across the front of your finger. So the first time you lay it over, it will go from in between your thumb and your index finger to between your index and middle finger. Then you flip then your will drape it back across the in between your thumb and index finger. Then you flip again. You continue on in this pattern until it's long enough to wrap around your wrist twice. The to tie it off I took the loop off your finger and pull the tail end through and pull. Then just use the other tail at the beginning to tie it together and enjoy!

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