Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update on the Sweater Project

Got a ton done on my very first sweater. I am really fairly happy at this point with the progress I have made. However, I have a few things I am not too crazy about at this point. First I made the slit slightly too big, but that's an easy fix as I haven't done any finishing on either piece. I am planning on sewing up a little on the slit when I do my finishing. Secondly and more importantly, I somehow misplaced a bag with one of the balls of yarn needed for this sweater. This may put a big hold on my ability to finish this piece. I am somewhat frustrated with my ability to lose things right now. Hopefully it will show up and I will end up being able to finish this sweater. Or I could end up looking around for another skien of yarn with the same dye lot. It will all work out. For now I may end up working on some other projects!

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