Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Golf Club Cover Pattern

**UPDATE: Click here to print this pattern on google docs**

These are pictures of the process I went though to make the golf club covers. Eventually I will post pictures of the final outcome. Eventually I am going to make three of them. I will post the double stitch patterns in order to make these look like a stormtrooper, Boba Fett and Darth Vader. These are a perfect gift for anyone that happens to love Star Wars and golf! Plus they knit up easily. Enjoy!


Golf Club Cover Pattern

Sz 8 circular or double pointed needles (I used double pointed as I thought it was easier)

Cast on number of stitches that are divisible by twelve (I used 36)

Row 1: *K, K, P, P* repeat till end of round

Join round without twisting stitches

Continue with Row 1 until you have 5-6 inches in rib pattern

Row 2: K till end

Continue is Row 2 till you have 4-5 in. I tend to go closer to 5

Decrease Rows:

Row 1: *K 2, K2tg, K 2* repeat till end of round

Row 2: K till end. All even rows are same as Row 2

Row 3: *K 1, K2tg, K2* repeat till end of round

Row 5: *K 1, K2tg, K1* repeat till end of round

Row 7: *K2tg, K 1* repeat till end of round

Row 9: *K2tg* repeat till end of round

Use plastic tapestry needle to take remaining 6 stitches off double pointed needles and tie in ends.

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