Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's in My Stash

I have had this yarn so long I have already finished projects with two out of the three skeins of yarn in these pictures! 

I went to a local art fair with a friend over the summer and came out with nothing but yarn, go figure right?! 

This yarn was my absolute favorite! I adore how the colors look when they are loosely knit with some big needles. I made a gorgeous cowl and headband from this one skein.

This was a maroon yarn I purchased because it is the school colors of the volleyball team I coach. I used this to make some adorable headbands!

This is the lone yarn yet to be used. I just couldn't help myself! I have a weakness for wool yarn for some weird reason. Plus, it was on clearance. How can you say no to that! 

Unfortunately, I in the store the purple looked like royal blue. It was quite a surprise when I saw it again when I got home. Just shows how important lighting is to decide what color something truly is. 

Soon there will be pictures up if the great pieces I made from these great skeins! 

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