Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year, New Goals

I know it seems ironic, I haven't posted in forever and then here comes January and I resolve to get back in the groove and get posting again. Honestly, it really just worked out that way. At any rate, I do have some new goals I want to accomplish within the next few months. I really was in quite a groove with my regular posting and even just my knitting in general. Then the fall came volleyball season followed by a trip to London and the holidays. People that blog every single day are horribly committed. Its quite impressive.

In the near future, I would like to get a shop set up. I have dabbled around in Etsy, but I just am not in love with it the way many people are. There is definite value in the marketing you can get from using such a popular website but then again I believe these boutiques have their own niche. I see these gorgeous little online boutiques that are just so adorable it makes me want to buy things I could easily make myself.

I also am looking into the possibility of my own site. Sorry Blogger but I may be bidding you adieu this year. Once again, I am would very much like a website that is mine, especially if I do open my own shop.

And finally, I will be posting more. Many people start blogging with these lofty ideas of posting every day or five days a week. It just for many people with a full time job just isn't possible. So I am committing to posting more. I have a few great hats I have made over the past few weeks that are very cute and I will hopefully be finishing up on the patterns soon.

As far as actual projects, I will get through an actually pair of socks! Not just one lonely sock. Two. A pair. That someone can actually wear. My sister knows of my sock problem and gave me a book that shows you how to knot two socks at once. I haven't really had the chance to delve into this book but I will soon.

So stay tuned!

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