Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kindle Cover Pattern

I love my kindle. I am actually a little obsessed with my kindle. I literally carry it everywhere with me in my purse. I do appreciate the love for actually holding a book in your hands and all that, but can't beat convenience. However, the  accessories can get a little expensive. So I thought I may as well put my talents to good use. And out of that came this... 

Unfortunately, I lost my phone this past weekend. Along with it were the instructions for that pattern for this case. So I am going to have to try and remember as best as I can what I did.

Kindle Case Pattern

Hook: Sz M

Yarn: I used a bulky weight and a worsted weight held together both were bought at a yarn shop and didn't have labels on them, so this is really more of an estimate

Large button or whatever you wish to use to close to case

This pattern in worked off one chain then connected into a round

Ch 9

Round 1: DC into third ch from hook, on DC in each ch till end of the row, add two more DC into the last chain (3 total in that ch) Now DC in each ch back down the ch making your stitches on the opposite side you worked on your way down. When you get to the last stitch on this row SS to connect to the first stitch. (You should have 16 stitches, 7 along both sides and one extra on one end and your two chains counts as the final stitch)

Round 2-9: Ch 2, one DC into each st all the way around. SS to join. (this was one of the numbers I really couldn't remember. You will want to adjust the number of rows depending on which kindle you have.

When you get to the tenth row you won't be working in a round but you will be making a flap to close the case.

Row 10: Ch 2. Skip one Dc in next stitch, DC in each of the next 4 sts, SS in next st. (6 sts remaining)

Row 11: Ch 2 Skip one Dc in next stitch, DC in next two sts, SS in next st (4 sts remaining)

Row Twelve. ch 2, 2 DC in each of the 4 remaining sts. Tie off.

Attach button to the base of the case. There should be plenty of room to slide a button through and you won't need to do a buttonhole.

And now you have your own customized kindle case. These make excellent gifts, and the best part is they take under an hour to make if you work quickly! I made a few of these for gifts this past holiday season and they were a hit!


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