Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bailey Bear's Bear

I must say I really do think that this bear turned out quite adorable. That most certainly doesn't mean it was glitch free and easy. I also would change a the way I knit this. If anyone is considering making this bear, do it in the round! It was a ton of seaming! About halfway through the seaming process, I broke my last needle at a Fourth of July party. That to say the least, added immensely to the irritation at the seaming.

I also added the bow to the bear to give it an extra little punch of cuteness. If you are interested in adding the bow, you can find it here. If you want the whole package, the bear was made by Debbie Bliss.

Overall, this bear is adorable and squishy and perfect for a new baby boy or girl. Also, with enough preparation, it would make a great shower gift!


  1. Hi, lovely teddy! Do you still have this pattern, the link on ravelry will no longer download it?! Thanks for any help!


  2. Unfortunately, I downloaded the pattern onto my phone and my phone got stolen! So I don't have the patten any longer. I didn't realized it wasn't online anymore! I was going to make one of these for a friend soon too!