Monday, July 25, 2011

Anthro Inspired Double Plait Bobbies

Here is something else that I knew I wanted from Anthropologie that I was going to refuse to pay $18 for- Double Plait Bobbies. I love the idea of cute little bobby pins that have a little bit of sass of glam to dress them up. So after seeing these I knew I needed to try some myself.

Want some of your own? Here's how:

What you need: hot glue gun, skinny ribbon, bobby pin, hair pin (as pictures above you can see the hair pin in wider than a bobby pin and doesn't pop out at the end as a bobby pin does) I haven't tried this with using two bobby pins so I don't know what the end result would look like.

After you get your supplies together you take the hair pin and your ribbon and slide it through as I did above.

Fold the outside edge into the middle and use a dot of glue to put it in place.

Flip the pin over so you cannot see where you glued it in the back. If there is ribbon sticking off the edge just trim it down with some scissors.

Here you need to take the ribbon and pull it up towards you and over top of the right bar of the pin and slide it back through the middle. Kind of like you are braiding it in with the hair pin. Then continue by pulling the ribbon over top of the left bar and slide it back through the middle so it pops out on the bottom side of the right bar.

Continue to "braid" the ribbon through the hair pin until you reach the bottom. There you take another dab of glue to hold the ribbon in place and wrap the ribbon around the whole pin at the bottom and glue into place again.

Here is another one I made in blue with slightly thinner ribbon. Try different colors and patterns and see what creative things you can think of!

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