Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quick Bows

I saw some cute little crocheted bows a few weeks ago and made a few. I live for quick projects that are functional. But then I thought about all the people who can't stand the thought of betraying their craft of choice.

So for all you knitters out there... here is something for you. Think of this as a birthday present for you-all but on my birthday.

Easy Bows

Items needed

Size 10 needles

Worsted weight yarn

Plastic needle

Cast on 9 using a provisional cast on.

Row1: knit to end

row2: purl to end

Repeat these rows till piece is about 7 inches long.

Graft the stitches together using the Kitchener stitch leaving a long tail.

Pinch the piece together and wrap the tail around the middle.

Then I cut a very small piece of felt the same color as the bow and a bobby pin. I stuck the bobby pin onto the felt and then hot glued the felt down to bow. I made sure the tail end of the yarn was also hot glued down to secure it.

Now you have a great bow that you cab customize to your needs! All in a few minutes.


  1. Hey nice blog! I love the vacation pics!

  2. Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed them because I definitely enjoyed my vacation!