Thursday, April 14, 2011

Owl Hats

Most of you have seen this hat before, this is just a slightly larger version. Which is awesome because it fit baby Sammie. Who clearly is going to be a fabulous knitter when she's get older. She already tried to help anytime I have yarn out.

So I figured I would snap up some pictures with her while she was in a good mood. I figure she is cute and would make a great model. I went into Tyra mode and got her ready for her shoot.

She was too enthralled with the yarn to get the job done.

Come on Sammie don't let the hat wear you girl, wear the hat.

We all want to see that gorgeous face!

C'mon connect with the camera!

And we got the shot. That's a wrap.

I watch too much ANTM.

And I need to make hats for kids that will smile and say cheese.

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