Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dry Erase Board

So this is my desk, with the all the reasons I have been so inconsistent with my posts lately. But it sure is cute isn't it?

Best part? It cost me $1. Can't get much better than that. Well maybe if my to-do list wasn't quuuuite so long. This is what happens at the end of a quarter. Long lists and long work days. That's what happens when you are a grown-up. Or should I say a "grown-up."

Anyways, you want to hear how to get this for the amazing price of $1?! Here it is. I went to my favorite dollar store (the Dollar Tree) and got a wood frame. They had different ones that were all different sizes making it even easier to custom design you dry erase board. The only important thing is there has to be a glass front or this will not be a dry erase board. Whatever you write on it would not come off, even with some SHOUT!

I had the paint, scraps of fabric, and Elmer's glue on hand. So I gathered those supplies up and got to work. First I took the cardboard back off the picture frame. Then I loosely measured the fabric so that it would easily wrap around the cardboard with room to spare.

Then I created a little bit of modge podge- my own version is not measuring- just pouring a little water till it becomes runny. Then I took a brush and applied it to the cardboard then laid the fabric on top of it and wrapped it around the back. I trimmed the corners so that it wouldn't be bulky looking.

Put that piece down flat and let it dry. While you are waiting for it to dry, grab your paint and a sponge brush and get working on the frame! This is the fun part! I painted the wooden frame a solid color first. I let that dry then took my sponge brush and very lightly sponged on the second color to give it that cool effect. I bet even mixing in a third color would be awesome!

After everything is dry, then put the whole frame back together and you are ready to go! And I mean that literally as these fill up fast with things to do!

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