Thursday, January 6, 2011

Darth Vader Golf Club Cover Pattern

I know, I know. I released these patterns months ago. It's also not golf season. But I had a reader make these club covers and told me I never actually put out the Darth Vader pattern. I soon realized that is because I never actually finished it. I sometimes just kind of wing things when I am getting near the end of a project and then have trouble writing down exactly what I did later. This is one of those cases.

I ended up remaking one of these things just so I could see exactly what I did. (Just for accuracies sake!)

Well here it is!

Just follow the regular golf club cover pattern (in black of course).

To transform this into Darth Vader you will need a small crochet hook. I used an I hook but anything close will be fine.

I took the crochet hook and simply created a straight line all the way around the cover right above where you start your decreases.

Once you have gone all the way around do a slip stitch as if to join the round.

Row 1: Ch 2. DC in each ch till you have gone just over half of the circle you just made.

Row 2: Ch 2. 2DC in first ch. 1Dc in each ch till last ch. 2DC in last ch.

Continue in the pattern until you have reached the desired length. Tie off.

Now all you need to do is finish him off with the double stitch pattern!

Just take some gray yarn and a plastic darning needle to finish this off. This overall is a very easy project and the perfect addition to your other two Star Wars Club Covers you have already made!

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