Sunday, August 1, 2010

Easy Hair Flowers

Well in a few short hours, I get on a plane to go to Hawaii! I spent the past four days visiting some family and friends in L.A. I had such a wonderful time that I wasn't even thinking about posting anything!

I made some hair flowers for a wedding I went to a few weeks ago, and it was a hit! I got multiple compliments on them. I had so many people asking me how to make them that I figure this would be the place to do so!

After a "craft day" with Sydney, Sohpia and Serena, we took a few pictures of what we made. They did their own cutting and picked out their own colors. I handled the hot glue gun and the lighter! I think we all looked great after our flowers were finished! Of course Serena need to have hers on a headband because "she is a headband kinda girl."

In order to make these flowers, You will need a lighter, hot glue, a bobby pin, measuring tape scissors and fabric. You can also have the option of beads or buttons for a center. I used three different kinds of fabric tulle, organza, and silk. You can also use chiffon.

Then you take your measuring tape and measure circles 3.5 in diameter of the silk. Cut two of the circles and set aside. The you do the same with the organza but with 3 in circles. Then measure 2.5 in circles with the tulle. Continue in the pattern making the circles .5 in smaller each time (2 in silk, 1.5 in organza, 1 in tulle), You should have 12 circles total, two of each size.

**For Serena's headband I simply cut the amount of circles in half and did two smaller flowers. Start with 2in circles and move down from there.**

Then I take a lighter, I use one of those larger bbq lighters because I actually burned through a small lighter! I didn't even know that was possible! Well the things you learn crafting! Carefully burn the edges of the fabric, keeping in mind that tulle will not curl the way the other fabrics will. This is how you get the curled look that you see in the pictures.

After you have burned all of the pictures, you need to attach all the layers together. I have finished these two ways. One simply with a hot glue gun or by sewing the layers together. I prefer the hot glue. This provides extra strength to them as long as you don't gob on too much glue. You can even glue multiple layers at a time because the glue runs through the thin fabrics.

After you get the, glued together you can add your center. I have used buttons and beads, but go ahead and be creative!! You can also glue bobby pins or clips the back of the flower to easily secure them in your hair.

Well there is a starting point! Go ahead and get creative with these!

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