Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Knitting Club

So I started substitute teaching never realizing how much fun I would have or what it would lead to. When Lauren found out I knew how to knit one day at recess, I didn't think she was serious about learning how. At 6 yrs old I wasn't sure she would commit to it for more than a few days. I had her and Nia over to swim and learn how to knit. It ended up going really well and these girls caught on so quickly!

After teaching them, I got reports from both parents that the girls couldn't put their needles down! I was so excited and continued from there to teach two other girls (pictures coming soon). I really am happy they share this love for knitting and "don't even want to watch tv just knit!" We continued to have a few knitting sessions before I left for vacation and I can't wait to continue teaching them!

After this experience, I have really been putting a lot of thought into starting a knitting group where young girls can come and learn how to knit. At my church we have small groups and I think this would be the perfect opportunity for me to share my knitting knowledge!

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