Monday, March 21, 2011

One Seam T-shirt Headbands

I love headbands. They are cute, easy and fun. Also they are great for hair that needs to be washed. Or when you sit at a computer all day and want to get your hair out of your face. I also wear them to play sports. Notice I didn't say workout. I play sports. Working out just isn't for me. The point is, headbands are multipurpose awesome creations.

I was in desperate need of a well fitting headband because they can't be too tight. It is so difficult to find a headband with the correct thickness and tightness. So clearly the option is to make my own. I grabbed some old t-shirts, scissors, a really old hot glue gun and sewing machine and my best friend and got to work.

We started by cutting up the t-shirts. Everyone has some old t-shirts that they never wear. Use them for something and clear out your drawers. The more colors the more you can mix and match. We cut three inch wide strips the same length as your head. Then 1.5 inch strips 12 inches long to make the flowers.

I then pull on the 3 in strip to make the ends curl up a little bit. Fold the strip so tat the curled edges are facing each other. Then sew up the ends with a one inch seam using both a straight and a diagonal seam to ensure it doesn't come out.

After that plug in your hot glue gun and let it heat up. While you are waiting for it to heat up, take the smaller 12in strip and twist it a little in your hands. Then wind it around so it begins to look like a little rosette. You can glue as you go or just glue it on when it's completed like I did. The most important thing is to remember to put the flower off to the side. And yes, I am saying this warning sincerely as I made that mistake. Cute.

These headbands are so easy to make you can whip them right up even if you can't sew you could even get away with glueing the ends together!

Start using up those old t-shirts now!


  1. These are so cute! I need to make some for me and my daughter. Thanks! I'd love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight at

  2. I would LOVE to! I just sent in the submission! Love your site by the way! I spent quite some time browsing and definitely will be visiting again.

  3. Perfect. Cute & fashionable! ^^ definitely making sometime soon!

    -Kathy from

  4. Just made my first headband using your idea, love it.

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