Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Logan's Birthday Yoshi

After having such success with the Bullseye, I decided to do a little more exploring with the amigurumi area. With all the birthdays coming up in my family I knew I should find something that could be a gift. My little brother Logan loves his little Yoshi plush toys and I decided what a great thing to try and make.

I looked around for patterns and couldn't find anything I was in love with. I ended up using a pattern by Robotrish. I love my little Yoshi, although there are things that I might change when I do one for my brother Jace. His birthday is the lone November birthday in my family, so we agreed to do a trade for the Yoshi I am making for him. We agreed upon a pink Yoshi for 600 of his Wii points so I could get two new songs on Just Dance 2. Obviously I got the better end of that deal!!

The Yoshi is still in it's finals stages and I am pretty happy with it. I changed the hook size to make a 3.25mm hook to make the Yoshi smaller in overall size.

I will say that there was a TON of assembling with this! It got a little much for me at the end. And I would maybe change up how the legs are done. Overall I think this is a great project. So check it out!

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