Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finished Quilt

Here is the finished quilt for Samantha Marie, who we like to call Sammie.

I started this quilt awhile ago, and since it was my first quilt I had a little bit of trouble with making everything as precise as I would have liked it. Still it was a learning experience and I would encourage everyone to try it!!! I did the Honeybear Lane Puff Quilt. The directions were at most points easy to follow and the pictures helped out a lot.

The one point where I struggled was in making my own continuous bias binding and even sewing the binding on. I spent hours cutting and trying to figure out Honeybear Lanes directions on making my own binding. I don't know if it was just the way I was interpreting but it was just not making sense. I scoured google for a long time until I finally found this gem of a tutorial. This tutorial presented everything in a more concise way that made sense with how my brain works. Could be just me, but if you are having trouble with making your own continuous bias binding check this tutorial out!

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