Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arthritis and Knitting

I am sure many of you knitting girls (or guys) out there have been told that you are going to get arthritis from all of the knitting you do. I myself have been told this a few times. Although there have been times where I have had wrist pain and have had my fingers cramp up.

There are many people that focus on the damage knitting can potentially do to you, but what many people don't take the time to notice is how knitting can benefit you. There have been multiple people who have said that knitting has helped their arthritis. This is because knitting is used as exersize. Some people have also claimed that "warming up" as you would in sports helps ease the pain at any age. Stretching the muscles in your hands and wrists and soaking in warm water to ease the tension are two things that people do to help them prepare to knit.

So while some people suffer from arthritis and cannot knit, it may help others! The article I linked below has a few more ideas for people who knit and crochet but are having a hard time.


Let me know if you guys have any other tips or stories about knitting and arthritis.

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