Thursday, May 5, 2011

Create an Easy Puff Ball

There is always a time in a knitter's life where you find yourself without something. I always find myself without a pom-pom maker as I do not have one. And I refuse to buy one. This is the first time I have actually found myself needing to make a pom-pom. I have read different tutorials on how to make them and many of them involve cardboard and such. I had to improvise as I was not home.

So here's simply how I did this.

I took my yarn and pinched it between my index and middle finger. I then spread the rest of my fingers out and wrapped the yarn repeatedly around all my fingers. I did this until the yarn was covering about an inch and a half of my fingers and was about a half inch thick.

After that is done, you will need some help. Grab a friend and have them cut the yarn at the end. Then cut a small piece abut 5 inches long and tie a knot around all the yarn in between your middle and ring finger. You really want to make sure that you get the knot in the middle of the yarn to create a perfectly round puff. After you tie off the yarn, slide it off you fingers and cut the yarn. I did this by holding the middle knot and held the scissors in one of the two loops. Cut the opposite end of the loop as where the knot is. Do this on both ends. Now all you need to do is trim up the puff so it is a perfect circle and you are ready to go!

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