Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easy One Piece Slippers

I made a bunch of these easy slippers as Christmas gifts this past year. I started knitting Christmas presents in August! I made this pattern up because I wanted something that was easy and only needed minimal seaming. This was the perfect solution.

This pattern can also easily be changed to adjust how high it comes up the ankle. You can fold down the top to make them shorter as well. I also am going to try not seaming the whole front of the leg part so that they will be more like ankle length but with the flaps that fold down, like this:

Now onto the pattern!

Easy One Piece Slippers

Sz 11 needles
Bulky weight yarn
Cast on 50 stitches.

Knit for 5 inches.

Cast off 13 stitches for the next 2 rows

Cast off 2 stitches for the next 2 rows

Knit for 3-4 more inches (depending on sz of foot)

Next row k2tog

Knit to end

Sew end shut with tapestry needle. (like you would to the top of a hat)

Seam up back and front of slippers.


  1. Very pretty & very easy. Plus, you made them in my favorite color!!!!

  2. found a great yarn last week but had no project. Now I do! Thanks!!

  3. LOVE this pattern! So easy to knit and doesnt take long at all! Thank you!!!